Design Development


Job Description

Firmware Design,Software Design
,Electronic Circuit Design,PCB Artwork Design
,Mechanism Design


One-stop manufacturing company
Our strength is the ability to perform all work in-house, from development and design of various equipment and PCBs, mainly for broadcast video communications systems, to on-site installation work.
We can also work on individual orders.
Rich and versatile experience and solid technical capabilities
We have abundant experience and achievements in hardware, software, and mechanical design, and can provide products that meet customer requirements.
Owned Technology

Solving customer problems

Our employees are flexible, and we can dispatch guest engineers, develop various kinds of know-how, and help you improve quality and reduce costs.
Our strength is good footwork, which allows us to respond to unexpected situations.

Burn In Board Solution

We provide highly reliable burn-in boards through integrated production from circuit design to manufacturing based on our accumulated experience and technology.
Compatible with burn-in equipment from Japan and overseas.
You can order from micro carriers to large power devices.
Burn In Board

Business Flow

Inquiries about design and development