Board Mounting


Job Description

Surface mounting, inspection, evaluation, and analysis of various PCBs


We support all types of surface mounting from small to ultra-large boards
High-density mounting on ultra-large boards.
We can mount ultra-small chip components (0402) and ultra-fine pitch components (CSP, BGA) with our latest high-performance machines.

<Our achievements> 
min:50mm × 50mm ~
max:750mm × 550mm
thickness ~ max:7.6mm
weight ~ max:10kg
Providing services from the customer’s perspective, from prototyping a single board to mass production
We have experience in a wide variety of production. Based on our manufacturing technology and know-how cultivated over many years, we are able to handle contract manufacturing that other companies are “reluctant” to do.
We can respond to a wide range of requests from product development support and prototype stage to mass production.

From eutectic solder mounting to lead-free solder mounting

Two SMT lines are used exclusively for RoHS soldering and two lines for both eutectic and RoHS soldering.
In addition, the work floor in the manual soldering and flow processes is divided into separate areas, and soldering irons and other tools are identified and used separately to prevent lead components from being mixed into lead-free products.

Production system to meet customer delivery dates

Always check production progress and respond flexibly.
Whether for initial or repeat orders, we manage delivery dates accurately and deliver products to our customers just in time with the motto of strict adherence to deadlines and zero missing deliveries.

Business Flow

※Not performed depending on product specification

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