Entire Company

Proportion of Sales

Mechatronics Device 56%

Primarily assembly, adjustment, and field launch of industrial equipment.
【Example】Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment(Pre process・Post process),Machining center

Module 24%

Primarily design, manufacturing and inspection of telecommunication and industrial equipment.
【Example】Printed Circuit Board for Semiconductor Test,Printed Circuit Board for Communication Equipment

Broadcast Communication 16%

Primarily design, manufacturing and inspection of telecommunication and industrial equipment.
【Example】Radio Equipment for Infrastructure,Control Unit for Broadcast

Other Semiconductor Test 4%

Design and manufacturing of burn-in test boards.
【Example】Burn In Board for Automotive Semiconductors

As of September 2023

Mechatronics Device

Proportion of Sales

1Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Pre process
2FPD Manufacturing Equipment18%
3Organic EL Manufacturing Equipment14%
4Machine Tools14%
5Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Post process
As of September 2023


Proportion of Sales

1Semiconductor Related52%
2Communication Equipment・Control Equipment26%
3Industrial Equipment17%
As of September 2023

Broadcast Communication

Proportion of Sales

1Communication Equipment41%
2Broadcast Equipment32%
3Power Supply14%
4Semiconductor Related6%
As of September 2023

Foreigner Skill Training System

As of January 2024

Other Performance

Fortunately, we have been able to build relationships of trust with many business partners, mainly large companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

These financial figures are used to express the financial security of a company.
Generally, 40% to 50% is considered a good company…

SME (manufacturing industry) average: 40.1%
(From the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency’s Basic Survey of Small and Medium Enterprises for 2022)

Our manufacturing is born from the good hands of each and every one of our employees.
We believe that valuing our employees is of utmost importance to our company’s development.

Japan Average Annual Income(Regular Staff):¥5.23 million
(From the National Tax Agency’s Survey of Salaries in Private Sector for 2022)