Company Profile



Yamanashi 407-0011,Japan
Phone Number0551-22-8601
RepresentativeRepresentative Director, President Kazuhiko Iwashita
EstablishedFebruary 14, 1964
Employees291(as of April 1 ,2022)
BusinessDesign Development (Analog・Digital Circuit System Design,Control
Software,Mechnism Design)
Manufacturing(assembly・Wiring・Board Mounting・Mechanical Assembly)
Overhaul,Installation Work
Worker Dispatching Undertakings(Engineer,Manufacturing)
major productBroadcast Equipment,Communication Equipment,Power Supply Equipment,
Various Board Mounting,Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment,Burn In Board,etc.
Permits and licenses■A model factory of Yamanashi Prefectural Chamber of Commerce and Industry(1996~1999)
■ISO9001(November 1998)
■ISO14001(December 2004)
■Business approval by the SME Business Innovation Plan(March 2001)
■Second business approval by the SME Business Innovation Plan(February 2007)
■General Worker Dispatching Undertaking
   【Permit No.19-300014】(October 1, 2004)
■The Driving Company for the regional future
affiliationNirasaki-shi Prefacture Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kofu-shi Prefacture Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kofu Corporation Association
Yamanashi Employers’ Association,Yamanashi Machine and Electronic Industries Association
Major BanksYamanashi Chuo Bank(Nirasakishi Branch)
Shoko Chukin Bank(Kofu Branch)
Mizuho Bank(Kofu Branch)
Japan Finance Corporation SME Business(Kofu Branch)

Head Quarters

3850,Uenoyama,Nirasaki-shi, Yamanashi 407-0011,Japan



  • Train : 10 minutes by car from Nirasaki Station on JR Chuo Honsen Line
  • Car : 3 minutes by car from Nirasaki Interchange on Chuo Expressway

Futaba Factory

Mishima9180-1,Utsuya,Kai-shi, Yamanashi 400-0108,Japan


mounting and inspection of PCBs

S1 Factory

3907-1,Uenoyama,Nirasaki-shi, Yamanashi 407-0011,Japan


Assembly in a clean room, assembly of large equipment

S2 hosaka Factory

1178-2,Miyakubo,Hosaka-machi,Nirasaki-shi, Yamanashi 407-0175,Japan

Assembly of semiconductor manufacturing equipment