Job Description

Electrical system assembly, adjustment and inspection,Bundle Wire・Cable Assembly
,housing mechanism assembly,piping assembly,Assembly Inspection・Adjustment・Repair of Burn In Board


Production and inspection of small lots of various kinds of products
We accept assembly, inspection, and design orders for small lots of various equipment, from large industrial equipment to small communication equipment.
Startup operations from equipment assembly to on-site installation and management
In addition to the start-up of equipment both in Japan and overseas, we also provide support for management, assembly, and commercialization.

Achievement【U.S China Korea Taiwan Singapore etc.】

Extensive experience and achievements

With a wealth of experience and achievements over 50 years in business, we have a large number of engineers from major manufacturers, skilled workers, and personnel with expertise in a variety of fields.

Broadcast Equipment・Communication Equipment
 Transmitter・Studio Equipment・Wireless Unit
・Industrial Equipment
 Machine Tools・Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
 LCD Manufacturing Equipment
・Organic EL Device

Business Flow

Equipment Introduction