Board Mounting

What is the standard lead-free solder used? What about bond?

SMIC M705 is used as the standard solder paste and thread solder.
A composition of (Sn Ag3,Cu0.5) is used in the flow tank.
Other manufacturers include Tamura Corp., Nihon Almit, and Nihon Handa.
Loctite 3609, Somakote IR-100, etc. are used as bonds.

What is your monthly production capacity?

The average number of boards produced is from 26,000 to 60,000. The maximum number of boards produced is 24,000.

What is the size of the boards that can be produced?

Size M (250 x 300 mm) is the most common size. The average number of parts is 250 to 400 per board.
The average number of parts per LL size board (400 x 520 mm) is 2,000 to 5,000.
The average number of parts per XL size board (620 x 700 mm) is 2,000 to 8,000.

What is the maximum board size that can be used for component mounting?

For larger size boards, surface mounting is possible for sizes up to 700 x 620 mm. Flow mounting is available for sizes up to 500 x 600 mm.
Rework is possible for board sizes up to 520 x 610 mm and thicknesses from 0.8 mm to 8 mm.

What is the maximum pitch between pins of components that can be mounted?

We have experience up to 0.3 mm pitch for QFP and 0.5 mm pitch between balls for BGA and CSP. The number of BGA balls mounted is 2,000 balls with shape angle of 70 mm.

Do you have any parts in stock?

Yes. General-purpose chip resistors and chip capacitors are in stock.
Other parts include chip coils, electrolytic capacitors, check terminals, light-emitting diodes, transistors, and ICs.

How to distinguish between RoHS compliant product lines and conventional production lines?

Green color is used to identify process signs, floor divisions, and tools used in RoHS compliant lines for each production item. Blue color is used for eutectic lines.
RoHS products are identified and managed from the order stage through design, material ordering, acceptance, release, manufacturing, inspection, electrical testing, packaging, and shipping using a dedicated line.

How do you guarantee the absence of hazardous and controlled substances?

Based on the initial QA system, we obtain non-inclusion certificates for all delivered parts and handle sub-materials in the same manner, and if necessary, we also perform in-house analysis and measurement using X-ray fluorescence equipment.
We regularly analyze the solder components in the flow tank and also analyze and measure the shipped products using a fluorescent X-ray system to prevent contamination and ensure product assurance.

Do RoHS products have higher cost because they use lead-free solder and atmospheric nitrogen?

Lead-free solder is more expensive than eutectic solder, and nitrogen is used in reflow, flow, and soldering iron, so costs are higher, but not all costs are added.
We are also making efforts to reduce costs by introducing nitrogen generators. For specific costs, please request a quote for the actual machine.

Design Development

What software have you created?

Windows Application,WEB Application,Ladder Programs,etc.

What Windows applications do you use? What programming language?

VisualStudio C#

How many mechanical design engineers do you have?

There are six engineers (four are in-house).

What mechanical CAD systems do you use?

We mainly use 2D CAD.
・Autocad Mechanical

SolidWorks is used for 3D CAD.

What do you mainly do in mechanical design?

Broadcasting tables (sheet metal and wood tables), shelves, production equipment, jigs, etc.

Can you start from specification review?

This can be done in consultation with the customer.

Burn In Board

What kind of quotation materials should be provided?

Please provide a simple circuit, IC socket drawing, board shape, edge terminal table, and number of boards to be produced.

Can you procure parts?

Yes, we can. We can also procure IC sockets for board production. Please contact us for custom parts.

Can you perform electrical inspection?

Standard packages (QFP, BGA, etc.) have various test heads.

Electrical inspection is performed by burn-in board tester (ICT).

Do you have any burn test equipment?

Ando Electric AF-8631 and Fujita RA-6020 are available for evaluation tests.

Can you use lead-free solder for mounting?

Yes, we can. High durability solder for burn-in only is also available.

Is it possible to choose the PCB material?

Yes, we can propose materials that meet your requirements from among various materials.


What kind of adjustment inspections do you perform?

Performance tests are conducted for digital video, RF, analog audio, and power supplies.

Performance tests are conducted for digital video, RF, analog audio, and power supplies.

Digital Multimeter
Power Meter
Network Analyzer
Video Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
Audio Analyzer
Multi Monitor

If other equipment is needed for the work, we can rent or purchase it.

Is there a division between RoHS and non-RoHS processes?

The processes are divided into different areas. The tools are also separated.

How do you manage and operate your measurement equipment?

We carry out annual calibration by an external agency and pre-start inspection.

To what extent do you offer overhaul and repair services?

We mostly provide this service for units that were manufactured by our company, but we can also handle other types of products if you provide us with circuit diagrams and other information.
We also have a dedicated PCB department which can perform component replacement (chip, radial, and axial).
Electrical and aging tests are performed after replacement.

Is short delivery time possible?

Normally, it is possible. Please contact us to discuss costs.

How many crimping tools do you have?

We have a consistent set of general-purpose products. The number of tools is expanded as needed depending on the frequency of use.

To what extent can you handle on-site installation work?

Construction is a demanding task, but we are able to perform everything from indoor installation to customer delivery inspection.
However, this is possible if there are no restrictions on personnel qualification. If you need specific qualifications, please contact us.

What is the age range of workers?

Although older workers are also active in special processes, we are in the process of switching to younger workers with the challenge of passing on skills as needed.

Can you handle domestic business trips?

We provide nationwide support.

Can you handle overseas business trips?

We have a department that provides this service and will consider the request.

How skilled are the workers?

We recommend our employees to obtain a national certification as an electronics assembly technician, and many of our employees hold this certification.
If you need some necessary qualifications, we will consider acquiring them.

Is it possible to request an inspection only?

We have a large number of requests for inspections only and have a proven track record.

Do you have sub-materials (cables, crimped terminals, screws) in stock?

We have general sub-materials in stock. We try to keep them based on the frequency of use.